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Why should you have your fine watch serviced by Nesbit's Fine Watch Service?

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Our family has been servicing fine watches for over 110 years- not combined years but since before 1895. Throughout the decades watch technology has changed the way service needs to be performed. Today's movements require special skill, tools and equipment. We're qualified!

Very few independent repair facilities have invested in the kind of service center that is required to obtain genuine spare parts from Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, and others. Extensive equipment, training and a physical location with the proper configuration is a must to qualify.

We at Nesbit's have taken the necessary steps to insure we have the approval of these major watch brands to service your watch here at our shop. This is why our Rolex repair costs and our Omega repair costs are very close to what the factories charge if you were to have your watch serviced through them. Some other brands may be a bit less that the factory service price and some may be a bit more. We base our costs on the time it takes to complete and material costs.

Some independent watch repair companies will tell you that they fix "all watches" and maybe they try to, but are you getting the quality and piece of mind that ensures the integrity of your valuable watch for decades to come? Beware of searching for the lowest priced repairs as you may not be getting the best in service or genuine spare parts.

When you have your watch serviced through us you can trust that is in good hands. We are a small family business that really cares about giving you the best possible service and will treat your watch as though it is the most important watch in our shop whether it is a Speedmaster, and Vintage Rolex Submariner or a fashion watch in need of a battery and pressure test.

We are in a secured luxury building and have interior security as well. We are adequately insured for any loss (although that has never been an issue), our employees are loyal and trustworthy and have been with our team for many years. If we need to ship your watch back to you, we have a security rider with FedEx so you can rest assured knowing your watch will be fully insured for the replacement value and a signature will be required for delivery.

We take pride in each watch we repair and stand behind our work with warranties that far surpass industry standards.

We are not too prideful to tell you when we are not the right shop for you. If you have a model that we feel we cannot repair to its best condition, we will refer you elsewhere. It is always in your best interest to get the best service available and we are happy to steer you in the right direction if we cannot provide that.

Watch repair, service and restoration is all we do at Nesbit's. We will not try to sell you a new watch. You have the ability to contact us directly and speak to one of the owners, Tom or Jan, or a knowledgeable employee that can tell you the status of your repair. We are also happy to give you ballpark quotes over the phone or email although we cannot say for sure until after we've given it a full inspection. Our inspections are always free.

The Nesbit's care about the longevity of the watchmaking trade therefore, Tom serves on the board of directors of AWCI, American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute as well as the Technical Advisory Board at North Seattle Watch Technical Institute.

Our reputation speaks for itself. You may choose to search online on the Omega and Rolex forums to see unsolicited reviews about our work here at Nesbit's.


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